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a new stage for everyone, everywhere.

Gigger is the first permission-less music dedicated app: an ecosystem based on experiences and visual interactions, where Musicians, Creators and Businesses meet and grow together, totally protected by blockchain technology.

be part of the change!

We love music and our mission is empowering it!

It’s time for live events and festivals, It’s time for musicians to play and travel around, for people to attend concerts and events.

We want to help music using technology, giving multiple possibilities to every type of musician and company to grow and improve: from the newbies to the pros.

We strive to enable connections and networking between musicians/artists, businesses and territory.

Musicians, Creators And Music Related Businesses: Gigger Is Here To Help You

and connect

Network with other Musicians, Artists, Venues, Services, Businesses and find opportunities in a fast and easy way

develop yourself
and your brand

Promote, grow and manage career, creations and events thanks to SmartDonations and advanced algorithms 

all your creations

Thanks to Blockchain and NFTs: Verification and Certification that give you true paternity and ownership on your creations

Fans, Followers
& Businesses
can be investors!

Make a crowdfund with investments open to the public, everyone can contribute to the support of their favorite artist.

Web3 crowdfunding has never been so social!


Fresh News!

Carlo De Bei Joined Gigger!
Carlo De Bei has long been a collaborator of Mango (5M+ albums sold) and Matia Bazar (2x winners of the Sanremo Festival). In 2009 he collaborated on the album "La Macchina dei Sogni" by Enrico Nordio, a veteran of the Rai2 reality show X-Factor on season 2008-2009. He won the critics' prize at the Sanremo Festival.
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CrossRoads Joined Gigger!
The CrossRoads Live Club is a concert hall located in the municipality of Rome, born in October 2008. It has hosted important artists such as Mike Stern, Gong, Tommy Emmanuel, Dave Weckl and many others.
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meet the

Proudly selected by Gigger since day one!

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Our Web Radio Partner, will play your music &
talk about you

Thanks to the partnership with Musical Factory Web Radio, being a First Gigger will also allow you to be featured on their podcasts, shows and articles.

Propose your music to the Artistic Director! Musical Factory offers specific shows for each musical genre.

They will play your music and talk about you.

Affiliated recording studios

Are you a
musician, a creator or a business?

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What Giggers Say

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"Che figo questo progetto! Sono molto interessato al mondo blockchain/NFT, ora so come utilizzarlo per la mia musica! Grazie per avermi proposto Gigger!"
Cat Sound Studio
Cat Sound Studio
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"Bellissima iniziativa, ammiro molto i giovani che si cimentano in questa avventura, mi fa piacere farne parte"
Veneto Sviluppo
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"Complimenti per la vostra iniziativa imprenditoriale ed in particolare per il carattere fortemente innovativo e creativo della stessa."
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I can't wait to find the right musicians to collaborate on my albums!"
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"Grazie per la cura del progetto, ci vediamo ai nostri eventi!"
UpSound Music School
UpSound Music School
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"Grazie mille per la collaborazione!"
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"OK, cool.. now you've got yourself a dozen of good NFTs...
where do you put them, to show off and eventually trade 'em, in an interactive way? In GIGGER! Thank you guys!"
High Voltage
High Voltage
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"Tutto super interessante, ci siamo anche noi!"
The Mainstream
The Mainstream
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"Grazie ragazzi, vi confermo che siamo molto interessati, buona musica e ci vediamo live!"
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"L’investimento sinteticamente descritto, basato su una app è molto interessante, innovativo, con risvolti anche “sociali” (di contrasto alla pirateria dei contenuti media)"
The Sleeping Tree
The Sleeping Tree
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"Partecipo con piacere al vostro progetto!"
Strings Theory Music Fest
Strings Theory Music Fest
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"Grazie per l'invito! Posso presentare Gigger anche ai colleghi in ambito direzione artistica e organizzazione festival, è tutto molto interessante!"
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"Ciao caro! Volentieri e grazie per la proposta per la vostra Early Access, ci vediamo Venerdì al concerto ;-)"
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"Finalmente uno strumento per trovare velocemente altri musicisti ed eventi nel luogo in cui decido di effettuare la ricerca! Ottima anche l'idea di poter organizzare pernottamento e cena nei pressi del concerto direttamente dai risultati"
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"Heilà man, ci siamo anche noi dimmi se ti serve altro"
Musical Factory
Musical Factory
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"Complimenti per l'iniziativa, ben vengano gli scambi reciproci di collaborazione" - Franco, Direttore Artistico
2i3T Università di Torino
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"Il vostro progetto è davvero interessante e ricambio l'apprezzamento in merito alla professionalità percepita nei vostri confronti"
Back To Work Crowdfunding
Back To Work Crowdfunding
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"Abbiamo visionato quanto condiviso e vi facciamo i nostri complimenti per il progetto. Ci farebbe sicuramente piacere poterci risentire più avanti per valutare un round di fundraising in ecf."
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"Ottima iniziativa, utile sicuramente per tutti i musicisti e i locali che vogliono mettersi in contatto e scoprire nuove opportunità"
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"La ringrazio della sua mail e della segnalazione dell’interessante progetto che giro ai miei soci (...) di (...) che è il veicolo specializzato in finanziamento e accelerazione di start up."
Lukino Ungawa
Lukino Ungawa
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"Beh che figata! Soprattutto che bella idea.. Bravo che aiuti la musica"
Moon Unit
Moon Unit
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"Hello! Thanks for reaching out. This sounds interesting so we'll be glad to be a part of this. Let us know how all that works! 🦖🦖🦖"
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"Quello che proponete è davvero utile, avrò le funzioni di 5 app comodamente all'interno di una, Gigger!"

Featured from our community

Sound of
the future

We always put people first: here will be featured
our artist and their music

in a glimpsE

what's the story!?

Start / Manage / Grow your career with “G!” an A.I. powered smart assistant, drop-in anytime and play live with everyone, discover new experiences, artists, music and events. Protect your creations with blockchain, NFTs and related services, and many more features.

our product

I want it all!

Gigger will allow a quick consultation of users, services, marketplaces, events and hospitality, thanks to detailed information, impactful full screen videos and geolocation based services.


who is this for?

best of you

Our Users are music Lovers, Musicians, Pros and Businesses in the music industry interested in discover always new opportunities 

and.. only youuu!

Gigger gives you true paternity and ownership

on your creations and an highly targeted audience for music industry and brands to interact with

Tear down
the Wall!

our survey

1 %
Wants an app with highly selected audience to connect with
1 %

has difficulty promoting their music and grow their careers

1 %

Values videos useful while searching for other musicians

1 %

Has hard time finding bands or artists to play with, or venues to play in

One stop solution:

Gigger is Harder Better Faster Stronger Easier Cooler smarter safer bolder helpful

a specific,
Certified & Verified all-in-one ecosystem

short summary

• Quick and easy all-in-one Search
• Connect and discover with other artists, companies and brands
• Promote, grow and manage career and image
• Network and develop the personal brand
• Protect creations through blockchain’s verification and certifications
• Create, search and trade NFTs in our immersive marketplace

All the info you need at your fingertips

Cool design & friendly UI-UX optimized to speed up the informations gathering

Full screen videos with a vanishing UI for a total immersion experience

Lefties UI switch and gestures to facilitate one-hand use

Advanced algorithms, machine learning and human supervision

will allow musicians, creators and brands to have a targeted community to which they can propose experiences, NFTs, products, services and advertising.


We aim to become The Music ecosystem for authorship and ownership on community's creations.

Gigger offers a Highly targeted platform for Musicians, Music Industry and Creators.

Protection, Ownership & Rights by smart contracts and NFTs: certified creations with blockchain technology

Create, Mint, drop, and sell your NFTs* on popular blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and more

*** NFTs are irreplaceable tokens that represent the ownership of an asset, for example an artwork or an object in the digital or real world.

Through a suite of familiar and new features, Artists of all types can offer more direct and intimate experiences to their Supporters.

special event

NFTs drop •

a huge passionate opportunity in the music community

don't miss out!

Why us

We help you design
the life you want.

Just one
more thing

We have another part we are working on and we would love to show you: let us introduce

experiences beyond reality

a new place
for your NFTs

It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)

/ our cool roadmap


Start me up

Released with most important features

Gigger Ecosystem build up, Marketing and Community empowerment.

Implementation with Gigger NFT

NFT Creation / Verification

Auto multi-posting in all our partners’ platforms.


hold on
(I'm Coming)

Pushing Marketing / Community Empowerment.

Open to Artists & Creators all tools and services

Fully Integrated with G•Verse*



to heaven

Pushing Marketing

Community expansion, empowerment and consolidation.

Partnership agreements with brands.

Events and festivals organized by Gigger

Gigger become an essential ecosystem in the industry


not an investor yet?

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*offer's worth: 120€ /year subscription plan

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